RISKY CHRONICLES and the curse of destiny

Embark on the role of Risky, our fearless adventurer, in an epic 2D and 3D adventure! Explore the enchanting worlds of this modern platform/adventure game.

Immerse yourself in the platform games of the 90s with "RISKY CHRONICLES and the Curse of Destiny"! Experience a captivating adventure that cleverly blends classic platform game elements with modern mechanics.
Embark on the role of Risky, a fearless explorer, as you are transported through mythical locations such as an ancient pyramid, a mysterious Aztec temple, a ruthless desert, an enchanting underwater world, a haunted house full of secrets, an ancient military factory with intriguing mechanisms, a prehistoric cave full of mysteries, and many other surprises!
With diverse gameplay featuring levels in 2D and sequences in 3D scaling, "RISKY CHRONICLES and the Curse of Destiny" offers unforgettable encounters with end-level bosses.

Let yourself be carried away by an enchanting soundtrack and stunning graphics. Get ready for a unique adventure, where the past meets the present in a whirlwind of mysteries, humor, and epic twists! 

Mission 1985 : PURE 80'S ARCADE STYLE !

Relive the retro Run "N Gun experience in this tribute to the arcade games of the 80s.

Alone or with another player, you must defeat the dreaded General Hector and free the soldiers held hostage.
Go through the 11 varied levels and face many enemies, tanks, helicopters, planes...

Improve your firepower; use your grenades to defeat the different bosses at the end of the level.
Avoid the different traps (mines, holes) and face a capricious climate (ice, lava ...).

The game contains 9 levels in 2D and 2 levels in 3D scaling (Space Harrier style).

It is possible to play with 2 players simultaneously. 

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